Stone Crusher Plant for Sale in Sri Lanka

Aimix stone crusher plant refers to a comprehensive stone crushing equipment which has first-level crushing, intermediate crushing, fine crushing, sreening functions. Its main parts include vibrating feeder machine, belt conveyors, jaw crusher machine, cone crusher or impact crusher, and vibrating screen equipment.

aimix stone crushing plant
100t Stone Crusher Plant for Sale in Sri Lanka

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What Is the Productivity Output of Aimix Stone Crushing Production Line?

Its crushing output is from 20t/h to 500t/h.

Aimix Group crusher plant
50t Stone Crusher Plant for Sale in Sri Lanka

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How Many Types of Stone Crusher Plants Are There in Aimix Group?

Aimix is a top leading manufacturer of various stone crusher plants in Sri Lanka. We sells mobile crusher plant, jaw crusher plant, cone crusher plant, combined crusher plant and sand making plant.

Composed of jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher machine, Aimix mobile crusher plants are widely applied due to its high efficiency, portability and uniform particle size. Portable crusher machine is our main products.

mobile crushing machine
50t Mobile Crushing Plant for Sale

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What Service Can Aimix Group Supply for You in Sri Lanka?

1. Design the unique 3D factory drawing to help you to establish the foundation for the whole plant.

2. Help you to choose the right main crusher machine for the whole stone crushing production line according to your demand for the partical size of the finished stone and sand material.

3. 24hours online service.

4. 60 people after-sale service team to supply the installment service and help you solve any problems while using our machines.

5. Has local agent in Sri Lanka to provide spare parts and other service.

6. Aimix stone crusher plant quality is superiority over other brands in Sri Lanka.

7. Has cost-effective stone crusher plant price in Sri Lanka.

How Does A Stone Crusher Plant Work?

The crushing process includes 1st period crushing, 2nd period crushing, 3rd period crushing and screening period. Aimix stone crusher machine can process granite, limestone, cobblestone, concrete, other rocks etc..

The raw large stone material is firstly crushed by the jaw crusher machine. The medium coarse stone material is secondly crushed by the cone crusher machine or impact crusher. Thirdly, the finished product is conveyed to the vibratory screening equipment for the further screening and separating process. And finally, the fine aggregate products are screened and conveyed to the different spots. All the machine is connected by the belt conveyors.

What Is the Working Process of Aimix Stone Crusher Plant?

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