Skim Coat Mixer Machine for Sale in Sri Lanka

Skim coat mixer machine for sale is mainly used for manufacturing skim coat powder to be applied for dry wall or ceiling. Aimix supplies 3-6 ton per hour skim coat machine in Sri Lanka.

skim coat machine

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Main Parts of Small Skim Coat Manufacturing Machine:

  1. Raw Material Hopper
  2. Dry Mortar Powder Mixer Machine
  3. Screw Conveyors
  4. Storage Bins
  5. Packing Machine

 Technical Details:

skim coat machine sale in Sri Lanka


Model: GJ1000

Capacity: 3 t/h

Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm

Power: 30KW

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skim coat machine price


Model: GJ2000

Capacity: 5-6 t/h

Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm

Power: 37KW

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Features of Mini Skim Coat Mixer Machine:

  1. As a simple dry mortar plant, it only needs small area to set up.
  2. It has cheap total price.
  3. Hiqher mixing output.

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