Portable Concrete Mixer Machine for Sale in Sri Lanka

Portable concrete mixer machine is an economic concrete mixer that has movable chassis and wheels. It can be dragged to any sites as you want at any time. Its shape is usually drum type which is easy to operate for rural housing construction projects in Sri Lanka.

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Aimix JZC350 Portable Concrete Mixer Machine for Sale

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Main Parts of Aimix Portable Concrete Mixer Machines:

  1. Chassis
  2. Wheels
  3. Lifting Hopper
  4. Mixing Drum
  5. Electric control system

Portable Concrete Mixer Capacity in Aimix Group

Aimix portable concrete mixer machine mainly has two model, JZC350 and JZC500. JZC350 concrete mixer has 10-14m3/h production capacity, and JZC500 concrete mixer has around 18-20m3/h output capacity.

JZC series portable concrete mixers are civil concrete mixing equipment that has less mixing capacity. If you want to buy a efficient concrete mixer with higher output capacity for commercial concrete batching plant, then you should choose our JS series cement mixers.

The mixing capacity of JS series mixers varies from 25 to 200m3/h. In summary, JZC series concrete mixers are civil mixers mainly used for rural housing construction. And JS series concrete mixers are industrial mixers mainly used for a concrete batching plant that need mass concrete production.

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Aimix JZC350 Portable Concrete Mixer Machine for Sale


Model: JZC350

Charging capacity: 560L

Discharging capacity: 350L

Productivity: 10-14m3/h

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Aimix JZC500 Portable Concrete Mixer Machine for Sale


Model: JZC500

Charging capacity: 800L

Discharging capacity: 500L

Productivity: 18-20m3/h

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Technical Details of Aimix Portable Concrete Mixers:

Items Unit JZC350 JZC500
Charging Capacity L 560 800
Discharging Capacity L 350 500
Productivity m3/h/ 10-14 18-20
Aggregate Size(cobble/gravel) mm 60 60
Overall Dimension(LxWxH) mm 4010x2140x3340 5230x2300x5450
Overall Weight kg 1610 3200

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Features of Aimix Portable Concrete Mixer Machine for Sale in Sri Lanka

1. It has wheels and is easy to move.

2. Drum type.

3. It can stir plastic concrete and semi-dry concrete.

4. Light weight.

5. Easy to shift construction sites.

6. Civil concrete mixing machine.

7. Reasonable structure.

8. Stable transmission.

9. Easy to operate.

10. Good mixing capacity.

11. Start to stir in forward direction and discharge finished concrete mortar in reverse direction.

12. Electric control system.

13. Agile discharging system.

14. Easy to clean.

aimix portable type concrete mixer
Aimix JZC500 Portable Concrete Mixer Machine for Sale in Sri Lanka

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How Many Worker Does It Need When Operating A Portable Concrete Mixer Machine?

Generally speaking, buying a electric portable concrete mixer machine is a very efficient, time-saving way to stir concrete mortar in a construction site. Besides, using concrete mixer can reduce employment cost during the whole construction time.

It only needs two workers to operate Aimix portable concrete mixer machine. One for feeding cement, sand, gravel and other aggregates to the hopper, and another one for conveying the ready mixed concrete discharged from the mixing drum.

Besides, the concrete mixer can be discharged into a trolley, and then the worker uses the trolley to transfer the ready made concrete mixture to the site.

Or another way to convey the concrete mixture is to unload it to a concrete pump or a concrete pump car, and then the concrete pump machine will convey the concrete to the site. It is clear that the second way is more efficient and time-saving.

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