Planetary Concrete Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka

Planetary concrete mixer is a new type of efficient concrete mixing equipment. There are two or three multi-layer blades and few automatic scrapers inside the mixing tank. The blades rotates around their own axis at different speeds while they revolve around the vertical axis at the same time.

aimix planetary mixer
Aimix Planetary Concrete Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka

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Its unique mixing pattern is suitable to stir plastic concrete and dry hard concrete. Aimix Group supplies two models of planetary concrete mixers for sale in Sri Lanka, JN350 and JN500.

What Is A Planetary Mixer?

Planetary concrete mixer looks like a planet. In view of its distinctive shape, it is called as planetary concrete mixer. There is a lifting hopper on the mixer so that the cement, gravel, sand or other aggregate materials can be loaded into the tank.

Aimix planetary concrete mixer is stationary and usually placed on the ground in the construction sites to continuously supply concrete.

aimix mixer in Sri Lanka
Aimix JN350 Planetary Concrete Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka


Model: JN350

Discharging volume: 350L

Mixing power: 15kw

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planetary concrete mixer equipment
Aimix JN500 Planetary Concrete Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka


Model: JN500

Discharging volume: 500L

Mixing power: 18.5kw

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Planetary Concrete Mixer Price in Sri Lanka

Aimix mainly has two models of planetary mixer. One is JN350 and another one is JN500. The planetary concrete mixer price includes the mixer cost and delivery cost. And the mixer cost varies from the different models of the machine.

Therefore, please firstly tell us the specific model of mixer you need and what port you can pick up the machine before you want to know the planetary concrete mixers price in Sri Lanka.

With regard to JN350, its charging volume is 500L for every time, and its discharging volume is 350L. Its diameter of mixing drum is 800mm and total weight is around 1700kg.

Besides, its mixing power is 15kw. However, JN500 planetary mixers have larger production capacities than JN350 planetary concrete mixers. In regard to JN500 mixer, its charging volume is 750L and discharging volume is 500L.

And its diameter of mixing drum is 1200mm and total weight is 2000kg. And its mixing power is 18.5kw. Different model has different prices. Contact us now to get more details about our planetary mixer cost in Sri Lanka.

Aimix Planetary Concrete Mixers Parameters:

Model Discharging Volume(L) Charging Volume(L) Diameter of Mixing Drum(mm) Total Weight(kg) Mixing Power(kw) Discharging Power(kw)
JN350 350 500 800 1700 15 2.2
JN500 500 750 1200 2000 18.5 2.2

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Advantages of Aimix Planetary Concrete Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka

1. Higher stirring efficiency.

Its working efficiency is several times higher than ordinary concrete mixers’.

2. Wide range of use.

Planetary mixer is suitable for home use. Besides, it can be applied to stir the materials with viscosity of 1 million PCS and other materials with solid content under 90 percent.

3. Low energy consumption.

4. Higher output capacity.

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