One Set of Fly Ash Brick Making Machine was sold to Sri Lanka on June 20th

What fly ash can be used for? Actually, fly ash can be mixed with cement and water to make bricks. On one hand, it is low cost to use fly ash as the material. On the other hand, it is a kind of waste utilization. Therefore, Aimix designs fly ash brick making machine to use fly ash and cement to make hollow bricks.

There are a lot kinds of bricks, you can choose to make solid bricks, or hollow blocks. We can customize the brick making machine to produce 240X115X53 mm size of brick. Also Aimix provides specifications like this: capacity : 10000-15000 bricks/1 hour. Tell us your requirement, we can supply you the best design and size you like. We can send you quotation as soon as possible.

Fly ash brick making machine


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