Medical Ventilator Machine for Sale in Sri Lanka

Aimix medical ventilator machine for sale in Sri Lanka can provide non-invasive ventilation treatment or invasive breathing support for adults and children who have acute and chronic respiratory failure and chronic respiratory disorders. It can be applied both for hospital ICU use and home use.

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Applications of Aimix Medical Ventilator Machines

  1. It belongs to a breathing machine which is widely used for ICU nursing work or home oxygen supporting work.
  2. What is more, it can be also used for more than a hospital ventilator machine but a portable ventilator.

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Due to the fast spread of the virus, the need for ventilator machines is increasing. Aimix has a large quantities of ventilators in stock. We can provide qualified products with short delivery period. Contact us now for more details. Besides, Aimix also provide other kinds of medical equipment, including face mask making machine, melt blown non woven fabric machine and so on.

Medical Ventilator Machine Price in Sri Lanka

If you are interested in the oxygen ventilator price in Sri Lanka, you should tell us how many units do you want, and which port or place do you want to deliver to. Then we will give you full details and price as soon as possible.

Technical Details:

Model Y-30T
Ventilator type Ventilator type Electric control
Scope of application Treatment and titration of sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome, severe snoring, and respiratory insufficiency.
Display interface 3.5-inch LED screen, Chinese operating system
*Ventilation mode CPAP、S、S/T、T
Pressure range Pressure range 4-30cmH2O(±0.5cmH2O)
Pressure accuracy + 0.5cmH2O
Parameter setting Delayed boost 0-60min, set the division interval 5min
Initial pressure 4cmh2o treatment pressure / respiratory pressure setting
Therapeutic pressure 4-20cmh2o (in CPAP mode)
Target tidal volume 150ml – 1500ml, on / off
Maximum suction pressure 4-30cmh2o, (can be set when the target tidal volume function is on)
Maximum suction pressure 4-30cmh2o (not higher than the suction pressure), (can be set when the target tidal volume function is on)
Inspiratory phase pressure 4-30cmH2O
Expiratory pressure 4-30cmH2O
Expiratory decompression Patient, off, 1-3, three adjustable
Manual voltage regulation 0-2 gear, 0-2cmh2o (only available in CPAP mode)
Inspiratory sensitivity 1-8 stalls
Expiratory sensitivity 1-8 stalls
Respiratory frequency 3-40 times / min
Inspiratory time 0.3-3.0s
Backup rate On / off, default 10
Pressure rise time 1-4 stalls
Humidifier 1-5 adjustable in 5 gears


*Titration function

Support manual and automatic pressure titration, built-in remote wireless communication module, complete the random switching of single and double level modes in the titration process, and control more than 11 ventilator parameters at the same time.
Auxiliary function Automatic air leakage compensation, automatic startup, automatic shutdown, delayed shutdown, screen backlight adjustment
Monitoring parameters Pressure, tidal volume, respiratory rate, minute ventilation volume, air leakage volume, inspiratory time, blood oxygen saturation
Wavy curve Pressure time waveform, flow rate time waveform
Alarm prompt Pipeline and mask falling off, air leakage prompt, power interruption, treatment machine failure, humidifier failure, low voltage, high respiratory rate, low respiratory rate, low minute ventilation volume, low blood oxygen, replacement of filter cotton, full SD card, re insertion of SD card
*Data management Network data BMC + respiratory health management cloud platform
SD card data Resart NPAP data analysis software
Parts SD card Standard
SD card slot Standard
Piping φ 22mm, 1.8m long
Face shield F2 nose mask as standard
Noise Less than 30dB
Environment condition When used During transportation and storage
Temperature 5 -35 C -20 C -55 C
Atmospheric pressure 760-1060hPa 760-1060hPa
Working hours More than 8 hours
Power supply requirements AC voltage 100-240V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input power Less than 2A
Waterproof level IP22 – drip proof equipment
Instrument size 290mm×180mm×134mm
Weight 1.5kg (excluding humidifier) 2.5kg (including humidifier)

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