Jaw Crusher for Sale in Sri Lanka

Jaw crusher, also called jaw stone crush machine, is mainly used to crush all kinds of mineral and big-sized stone material and widely applied to mining industry, architectural material industry, highway and railway construction, hydraulic engineering construction and chemical industry. Aimix jaw crusher crushing capacity varies from 1 t/h to 1000 t/h.

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Jaw Crusher for Sale in Sri Lanka

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Main Frame of Jaw Crusher Equipment in Sri Lanka:

  1. Base frame.
  2. Jaws and side guard plate.
  3. Driving medium.
  4. Control apparatus.
  5. Flywheels.
  6. Lubricating device.
Working Principle of Jaw Crusher

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Features of Aimix Jaw Crusher Machines for Sale in Sri Lanka:

  •  Higher crushing ratio. The crushing cavity is deeper and flawless, which improves the feeding and production capacity.  
  • The particle size of crushed stone is more uniform.  
  •  Flexible and big adjustable range in discharge port.
  • Simple in structure.
  • Stable performance.
  • Lower operating cost.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Save 15%~30% energy for each machine.
  • Lower noise and dust pollution.
  • Simple jaw crusher maintenance.
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PE-150*250 Jaw Crusher for Sale in Aimix


Model: PE-150*250

Feed port size: 150*250 mm

Crushing capacity: 1-3 t/h

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PE-250*400 Jaw Crusher Machine for Sale in Aimix


Model: PE-250*400

Feed port size: 250*400 mm

Crushing capacity: 5-21 t/h

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What is A Jaw Crusher?

The main function of a jaw crusher machine in Sri Lanka is to crush the materials to a standard particle size so that they are capable of being utilized to the construction of various industries. One set of jaw crusher mainly crushes diversified kinds of mineral stones and rocks which their anti-pressure ability is less than 320 mpa. And the main materials to be processed are limestone, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, pebble, shale, lapis lazuli, coal, cobblestone and construction waste and so on. Thereby, jaw crushers are preferred crushing machines in the application of ore material crushing, such as ore crushing and gangue rock crushing.

And it is divided into three sizes according to the feed port width, large-scaled jaw crusher for sale, middle-scaled jaw crusher for sale and small-scaled jaw crusher for sale. The feed port of the large-sized measures above 600 mm wide, the feed port of the middle-sized measures approximately 300 to 600 mm wide and the feed port of the small-sized is less than 300 mm wide.

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PE-400*600 Jaw Crusher for Sale in Aimix


Model: PE-400*600

Feed port size: 400*600 mm

Crushing capacity: 16-64 t/h

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Jaw crush equipment in Aimix
PE-500*750 Jaw Crusher for Sale in Aimix


Model: PE-500*750

Feed port size: 500*750 mm

Crushing capacity: 40-110 t/h

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Aimix produces three types of jaw crusher machines in Sri Lanka, and they are PE series jaw crusher, PEX series jaw crusher and HD series jaw crusher. The main differences between all kinds of jaw crusher series are the feed port size, the max feed size and processing capacity. For PE series jaw crusher for sale in Sri Lanka, Aimix has 7 different models and sizes. The smallest size is PE-150*250, and it has 1-3 t/h processing capacity, which is suitable for small project building. And the biggest size is PE-1500*1800, and it has around 400-1000 t/h processing output, which is suitable for large-scaled stone material factory. Besides, Aimix possesses PEX series jaw crush machine, and they are PEX-150*750, PEX-250*750, PEX-250*1000, PEX-250*1200 and PEX-300*1300. What is more, Aimix also supplies German HD jaw type crusher in Sri Lanka, and they are HD72(57), HD86(69), HD98(751), HD110(912) and HD125. HD series crusher processing capacity is 50-750 t/h.

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PE-750*1060 Jaw Crusher for Sale in Aimix


Model: PE-750*1060

Feed port size: 750*1060 mm

Crushing capacity: 110-320 t/h

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Best crusher in Aimix
PE-1200*1500 Jaw Crusher for Sale in Aimix


Model: PE-1200*1500

Feed port size: 1200*1500 mm

Crushing capacity: 400-800 t/h

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Aimix jaw crusher machine for sale
PE-1500*1800 Jaw Crusher for Sale in Aimix


Model: PE-1500*1800

Feed port size: 1500*1800 mm

Crushing capacity: 500-1000 t/h

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Jaw Crusher Specifications of PE Series:

Item PE-150*250 PE-250*400 PE-400*600 PE-500*750 PE-750*1060 PE-1200*1500 PE-1500*1800
Feed Port Size(mm) 150*250 250*400 400*600 500*750 750*1060 1200*1500 1500*1800
Max Feed Size(mm) 125 210 340 425 630 1020 1200
Range of Discharge Port(mm) 10-40 20-60 40-100 50-100 80-140 150-350 220-350
Crushing Capacity(t/h) 1-3 5-21 16-64 40-110 110-320 400-800 500-1000
Rotation Speed of Eccentric Shaft(r/min) 250 300 275 275 250 180 180
Mortar Power(kw) 4P 5.5 6P 15 6P 30 6P 55 8P 110 6P 160-220 8P 280-355
Total Weight(T) 0.8 2.8 7 12 29 100.9 139
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 720*660*850 1300*1090*1270 1730*1730*1630 1980*2080*1870 2660*2430*2800 4200*3300*3500 5160*3660*4248

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Jaw Crusher Machine Working Principle:

The main frame of jaw crushing machine is the plate. There are two plates in one machine. One is fixed and the other is movable. The fixed one is vertically immobilized on the front side. The movable one is slant and forms angle with the fixed one. The upper side of the angle is big, and the under side of the angle is small. This angle shape is called the crushing cavity. All the stone materials are crushed in this cavity.

The movable plate comes and leaves the fixed one in cycles. When the the movable plate is running in the opposite direction with the fixed plate, the stone materials fall into the crushing cavity. Next, when the two plates are getting close to each other, the materials are squeezed again and again. During this process, the materials are separated into crushed aggregates with smaller size. So long as the crusher equipment starts, the crushing process will never stop. Therefore, more and more materials with qualified size will be produced so as to help you create benefit.

jaw crushing machine for sale in Aimix
PEX-150*750 Jaw Crusher for Sale in Aimix


Model: PEX-150*750

Feed port size: 150*750 mm

Crushing capacity: 8-25 t/h

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Best Aimix crusher
PEX-250*1000 Jaw Crusher for Sale in Aimix


Model: PEX-250*1000

Feed port size: 250*1000 mm

Crushing capacity: 16-52 t/h

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Jaw Crusher Specifications of PEX Series:

Item PEX-150*750 PEX-250*750 PEX-250*1000 PEX-250*1200 PEX-300*1300
Feed Port Size(mm) 150*750 250*750 250*1000 250*1200 300*1300
Max Feed Size(mm) 120 210 210 210 250
Range of Discharge Port(mm) 18-48 25-60 25-60 25-60 20-90
Crushing Capacity(t/h) 8-25 13-35 16-52 20-61 16-105
Rotation Speed of Eccentric Shaft(r/min) 320 330 330 330 300
Mortar Power(kw) 4P 15 6P 22 6P 30 6P 37 6P 55
Total Weight(T) 3.8 5.5 7 9.7 15.6
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 1200*1530*1060 1380*1750*1540 1560*1950*1390 2140*1660*1500 2720*1950*1600

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Jaw Crusher Specifications of HD Series:

Item  HD72(57)  HD86(69) HD98(751) HD110(912) HD125
Feed Port Size(mm) 460*720 580*860 680*980 850*1100 950*1250
Max Feed Size(mm) 425 500 630 750 900
Range of Discharge Port(mm) 45-100 50-150 75-175 100-200 125-225
Crushing Capacity(t/h) 50-120 60-210 110-330 230-450 280-750
Mortar Power(kw) 6P 55 8P 75 8P 110 6P 132 8P 160
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 1566*1965*1630 1722*1943*1810 1960*2470*2180 2381*2775*2500 2600*3320*3120

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Where to Buy A Small Jaw Crusher in Sri Lanka?

If you want to buy a high quality jaw crusher in Sri Lanka, then you should find a reliable crusher machine manufacturer. And Aimix will supply you with best quality and affordable jaw crusher machine price. With over 20 years’ researching and manufacturing experience, Aimix has developed a mature system for production, shipment and delivery. Aimix promises our customers with high level products and best services. Therefore, choosing to buy a jaw crusher unit in Aimix Group would be a wise decision to make.

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