Hot Mix Asphalt Plant for Sale in Sri Lanka

Hot mix asphalt plant for sale is an advanced equipment, which can turn dead asphalt into new asphalt mixture. Dead bitumen will be smashed together, then it will be mixed with other materials in a certain proportion according to the quality requirements at different levels. Then the dead asphalt becomes reborn asphalt concrete, and used for road pavement, which can reduce your cost and realize materials reuses.

Asphalt mixing plant for sale
Hot mix asphalt mixing plant

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Mainly, there are two ways to regenerate asphalt, and they are site regeneration or plant mixing regeneration. Hot mix plant is quite suitable for plant mixing regeneration. After screening, heating, the dead bitumen will be put into the mixing drum in a certain proportion. Then it will be mixed with the original materials, and high-quality asphalt mixture forms.

And plant mixing regeneration has the advantages of low investment, low risk and quick return. The customers can only purchase matched asphalt regeneration equipment if they already buy a asphalt plant, which can avoid repeated investment and reduce purchasing cost.

Features and Advantages

  1. Dead asphalt can make 20% to 60% original materials in one hot mix plant for sale, which has a high materials utilization and economic benefit.
  2. It can control the regenerating asphalt quality very well. With considering the dead asphalt aging degree, water content and other parameters, proper addictive and regeneration process will be chosen, which can ensures the asphalt mixture quality in a great degree.
  3. With regenerating asphalt mixture, the elevation of the newly paved road will not change.
  4. With matched burner, dust collector and drying drum, the blue smoke produced during the heating process can be carried out combustion treatment again, which can can reduce the gas pollution.
hot asphalt plant
asphalt hot mix plant

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Main Components

Mainly, hot mix asphalt batching plant consists of materials cooling system, feeder, feeding belt conveyor, heating system and burner, regenerating materials hoister, heat regenerating materials measuring bucket, dust removal system, control system and other part.

Material Cooling system

It consists of two separated material cooling and anti-screening net at the top of bin and vibrator in bin wall. Given that dead asphalt has a poor fluidity, this system is equipped with special-designed arch broken device, which can ensure the smooth transportation.


Feed quantity can be controlled by frequency control device and opening degree of hopper door. With no materials inspection device and alarm device, they can notify materials feeding by signal transmitting and warning lights.

Feeding Belt Conveyor

It is equipped with wiper and emergency button. Besides, in order to avoid oversized recycled materials into the equipment, it is equipped with materials vibrating screen, which can remove useless materials in time.

Best asphalt plant for sale
asphalt mixing plant for sale

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Heating System and Burner

Heating system adopts downstream heating method, which can not only make full use of heat energy, but also ensures that the regenerated materials will not stick to the inner wall of the roller. Besides, strict exhaust temperature monitoring has be adopted to prevent the burning and aging of the asphalt on aggregates. As for the burner, it adopts compressed air atomization and combustion flame. In addition, it is equipped with heavy soil reheating system, temperature control system for regenerating materials and infrared thermometer, which ensures the better temperature control.

Regenerating Materials Hoister and Heat Regenerating Materials Measuring Bucket

Regenerating materials hoister adopts wear ring chain bucket elevator, which has anti reverse non-return device. Heat regenerating materials measuring bucket adopts sensor to control the weighing. Besides, the runner is heated and insulated by heat conducing oil, which can ensure the smooth circulation of the recycled materials.

Dust Removal System

Dust removal system adopts special-designed induced draft fan, which can effectively prevent the adhesion of the oil fume and fan blades. Besides, the blue smoke produced by thermal regenerating drying drum will be burned again in the main drying drum rather than being released into air directly, which can totally eliminate harm gas.

Control System

The control system adopts button free operating system, which can realize fully automatic operation and manual operation.

asphalt hot mix plant
hot mix asphalt plant

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ALQ40 ALQ60 ALQ80 ALQ100 ALQ120 ALQ160 ALQ200 ALQ240 ALQ320


40 60 80 100 120 160 200 240 320


600kg 800kgh 1200kg 1300kg 1700kg 2300kg 2800kg 3300kg 4500kg
Mixing cycle 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s
Dry capacity 50T/h 80T/h 100T/h 120T/h 150T/h 200T/h 260T/h 300T/h 400T/h


Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal


Dust filter Gravity dust filter+ Cyclone dust filter + Bag dust filter/ Water dust filter
Bag dust

Filter area(m3)


260 380 420 420 520 620 820 1050 1224
Fan motor (KW) 37 45 55 55 75 110 132 150 185
Vibrating layer


4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6
Asphalt tank(m3)


Option, 10-40T or Depend on request
Asphalt heating system Heat conducting oil furnace or Direct heat asphalt tank

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