Fly Ash Brick Machine in Sri Lanka

If you want to be one of the fly ash bricks suppliers in Sri Lanka and start bricks business, then you will need to buy a qualified fly ash brick making machine. Because the raw material is fly ash, coal cinder or slag, the cost would be minimized to a low level. Its cost would be way lesser than clay brick making machine’s. In other words, fly ash bricks machine is a kind of low cost bricks making machine in the final analysis.

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ABM-4SE Fly Ash Brick Machine for Sale

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What Are the Advantages of Fly Ash Bricks?

  1. More environmental. Since fly ash bricks are made of industrial solid waste, it is beneficial for recycling resources, energy saving and land and soil protection. That is to say, fly ash bricks are way better than clay bricks.
  2. Without burning process. Fly ash brick is baking-free brick.
  3. Low cost. The raw material is cheap.
  4. Great hardness.
  5. Frost-resistance. The performance of frost-resistance of fly ash bricks is 30% more than clay bricks’.
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ABM-6S Fly Ash Brick Machine for Sale


Model: ABM-6S Fly Ash Brick Machine

Forming Period: 15-20 seconds

Capacity: 11520-14400 bricks/8 hours

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ABM-12S Fly Ash Brick Machine for Sale


Model: ABM-12S Fly Ash Brick Machine

Forming Period: 15-20 seconds

Capacity: 23040 bricks/8 hours

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How to Buy A Befitting Fly Ash Brick Making Machine in Sri Lanka?

  1. Find a brick making machine manufacturer with high reputation. Since the beginning of Aimix starting a business, more than 20 years has passed. And we have been spending tens of thousands of time and efforts in product design. Aimix Group has researched and developed a depth of manufacturing experience on brick making plants. Aimix supplies concrete brick making machine, cement block making machine and fly ash brick making machine, hollow block making machine. Our products and service is famous for miles around. So far, our brick machines have been exported to more than 56 countries including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, UZ, Philippines, South Africa and others. Our machines are popular and quality-assured.
  2. Choose one suitable fly ash brick making machine according to your financial status and budget. Tell us the scale of production and product standard you want, and we will help you outfit equal brick machine with right product configuration. For example, there are 8 working hours a day, and if you want to make about 2000 bricks a day, then you should choose our ABM-12S brick making machine. Because its brick output is 23040 bricks a day. Different models have different capacity and output. And one thing for sure, the larger the brick maker output is, the higher the brick making machine price is. The most common model is Aimix ABM-6S fly ash brick machine. It can produce 6 bricks per pallet, and the forming period for one pallet is about 15 to 20 seconds. Therefore, 6S brick machine can produce about 11520 to 14400 fly ash bricks per day.

Specifications of Fly Ash Brick Machine:

Model Product Specification(mm) Block Number/Pallet Forming Period(s) Block Output/8hours
ABM-3S 390×190×190 3 15 5600
ABM-4SE 390×190×190 4 24-26 5800
ABM-6S 390×190×190 6 15-20 11520-14400
ABM-8S 390×190×190 8 15-20 15360
ABM-10S 390×190×190 10 15-20 19200
ABM-12S 390×190×190 12 15-20 23040
Main Operation Numbers of people needed
Wheel loader operator 1
Mixer operator 1
Plate feed operator 1
Host operate&Inspect operator 1
Forklift operator 1
On-site coordination&delivery 1-2
All operators Normally at least 6-7 people, customized

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24 hours Service in Aimix

  1. Aimix has about 300 workers teams, and all teams are do their best to contribute for our normative pre-sale service and after-sale service.
  2. Aimix has established up 7 aboard offices in Sri Lanka, Philippines, UZ, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indoneisa. And our further intention and plans are to set up more aboard branch offices in more countries and regions in order to provide better service for local customers.
  3. Supply installment instruction and videos.
  4. Provide on-site installment and maintenance service. Aimix will send engineers to your site and help you install and test the new plant. Besides, our engineers will also go to your site for the machine maintenance if necessary.

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