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Dry Batch Concrete Plant for Sale in Sri Lanka

Dry batch concrete plant, also called ready-mixed concrete plant is a little different from traditional concrete batching plant. And the main difference is that there is no concrete mixer in dry mix concrete plant. Instead of cement mixer, concrete transit mixer is used to mix all aggregates in dry mix plant.

dry batch concrete plant
AJ-60 dry mix concrete plant

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And wet mix plant consists of concrete mixer, which is the only difference from dry mix concrete plant. So concrete mixing truck plays a very important role for dry mix concrete plant. Aimix concrete mixing truck with high quality and competitive price can be your ideal choice in Sri Lanka.

dry mix concrete plant
AJ-25 dry mix plant


Model: AJ-25
Rated Productivity(m3/h): 25
Discharging Height(m): 3.8
Gross Weight(kg): 10

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Main Components and Application of Dry Batch Concrete Plant

Mainly, dry batching plant consists of batching system, belt conveyor, discharging frame, power supply system, cement silo and cement measuring system. With stable performance, high efficiency and various capacity, dry mix concrete plant is mainly used in construction industrial, civil construction, roads, railway, bridge, electric power, and airport projects or as a commercial concrete mixing equipment. And Aimix dry mix plant is quite popular among customers, which has been exported to Sri Lanka, Philippine, Indonesia and other countries.

dry mix concrete plant
AJ-35 dry batch concrete plant


Model: AJ-35
Rated Productivity(m3/h): 35
Aggregates Vin Volume(m3/h): 2/3/4×7.3
Discharging Height(m): 3.8

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dry mix concrete plant
AJ-50 dry batch concrete plant


Model: AJ-50
Rated Productivity(m3/h): 50
Discharging Height(m): 3.8
Gross Weight(kg): 40

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dry mix plant
AJ-75 dry batch concrete plant


Model: AJ-75
Rated Productivity(m3/h): 75
Aggregates Vin Volume(m3/h): 2/3/4×12

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Workflow of Dry Mix Concrete Plant

As for the workflow, dry mix plant is a little special, in which there is no concrete mixer process. And the workflow is as follows.

  1. All aggregates are weighted by aggregates batcher
  2. Belt conveyor takes aggregates from aggregate batcher to concrete transit mixer.
  3. Cement,water, fly ash are weighted and put into concrete transit mixer.
  4. Concrete transit mixer mixes all aggregates on its way to construction site.
  5. When concrete transit mixer reaches construction site, concrete is mixed well and can be discharged.

Features of Dry Batch Concrete Plant for Sale

  1. Dry mix plant is under computer control, and automatic control and manual control are both available. Customers can choose one according to the preference.
  2. There are two options for aggregates weighting, separated weighing and central weighing.
  3. The match ratio and automatic fall compensation function can be realized in the mixing process.
  4. Dry batch concrete plant also hasthe advantages of stable performance, good homogeneity, high working efficiency and long service time.
concrete transit mixer
concrete mixing truck

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Why Aimix deserve your trust?

  1. We have CE, ISO and BV certificate, over 30-year experience.
  2. We are a supplier of Lafarge, which really makes us proud.
  3. We have more than 500 workers, which can ensure quick delivery.
  4. We have 20 engineers, which can make customized design for customers.
  5. We have excellent after-sale service: installment, debugging, operators training and spare parts supplier.


Type AJ-25 AJ-35 AJ-50 AJ-75
Theoretical Production Capacity(m3/h) 25 35 50 75
Matched Aggregates Batcher PLD800 PLD1200 PLD1600 PLD2400
Weight Accuracy Aggregates(kg) 1500kg±2% 2000kg±2% 3000kg±2% 4500kg±2%
Cement(kg) 300kg±1% 450kg±1% 900kg±1% 1500kg±1%
Fly Ash(kg) 500kg±1% 600kg±1% 600kg±1% 600kg±1%
Water(kg) 200kg±1% 300kg±1% 600kg±1% 600kg±1%
Additive(kg) 20kg±1% 30kg±1% 100kg±1% 100kg±1%
Discharging Height(m) 3.8m 3.8m 3.8m 4.1m

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