Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka

Concrete transit mixer for sale is mainly used to transport the ready mixed concrete from a commercial concrete batching plant to the jobsites. There is an cylindrical agitator mounted on the truck chassis. The agitator is dedicated to carry the ready made concrete mixture and always keeps rotating to provent the concrete from curdling during the transporting process.

aimix concrete transit mixer for sale
3m3 Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka

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Application of Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka:

  • The transit mixers always cooperate with a portable concrete pump to complete the placing of concrete for a tall building construction, bridge construction, tunnel construction, foundation construction and so on.
  • Generally speaking, the transit mixers for sale will pour the concrete from its discharging port into the hopper of the concrete pump, and then the concrete will be pumped to the right place by several meters of pipelines.

Aimix Concrete Transit Mixer Dimensions

  • The concrete transit mixer machine dimensions refer to the mixer drum overall dimensions. The common model is CLCMT-5, and it has 5m3 mixing volume.
  • With regard to the CLCMT-6 transit mixer, and it has 6m3/h agitating capacity and its mixer drum has 5700mm long, 2500mm wide and 2550mm high.

Transporting Capacity of Aimix Concrete Transit Mixer Truck for Sale in Sri Lanka

  • The transporting capacity refers to the agitating capacity of the mixing drum. Aimix supplies several models: CLCMT-3, CLCMT-4, CLCMT-5, CLCMT-6, CLCMT-8, CLCMT-10 and CLCMT-12. Among them, CLCMT-3 has 3m3/h agitating capacity, and CLCMT-4 has 4 m3/h agitating capacity, and CLCMT-5 has 5 m3/h mixing capacity and so on.
  • If you ask me how to choose a right size of concrete transit mixer in Sri Lanka? Then I will suggest you to buy any of them with any size according to your projects or actual requirements.
Aimix mixer for sale
CLCMT-4 Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka


Model: CLCMT-4

Volume: 4 m3/h

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CLCMT-5 Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka


Model: CLCMT-5

Volume: 5 m3/h

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Concrete Transit Mixer Price in Sri Lanka

  • If you plan to purchase one or few sets of concrete transit mixer machine in Sri Lanka, then I guess the first thing you want to know is how much does it cost. No matter you are interested in 4m3/h concrete transit mixer price or 8m3/h transit mixer price, and Aimix can give the best offer and price for you. Therefore, tell us what model you need and we will give you details of price.
  • Aimix is the manufacturer for various construction machines, such as self loading concrete mixer, concrete mixer with pump, concrete batching plant, crushing machines and so on. Aimix has our own factory and mature production line. Aimix can supplies you with factory price and professional after-sale service.

Technical Details of 3m3, 4 m3, 5 m3 Aimix Concrete Transit Mixers:

Agitating Capacity 3m3/h 4 m3/h 5 m3/h
Feading Speed ≥3 M3/min ≥3 M3/min ≥3 M3/min
Uploading Speed ≥ 2M3/min ≥ 2M3/min ≥ 2M3/min
Discharge Reside Rate %<0.5 %<0.5 %<0.5
Hydraulic Pump GMP(Italy) GMP(Italy) GMP(Italy)
Hydraulic Motor Japan KYD Japan KYD Japan KYD
Decelerator/Reducer GMP(Italy) GMP(Italy) GMP(Italy)
Chassis HOWO; Dongfeng; Shaanxi Auto; North Pennines; Isuzu; Foton; Delong
Warranty 12 months, from the date of supply
great transit mixer machine for sale
CLCMT-6 Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka


Model: CLCMT-6

Volume: 6 m3/h

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CLCMT-8 Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka


Model: CLCMT-8

Volume: 8 m3/h

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Technical Details of 6m3, 8 m3,10m3and 12m3 Aimix Concrete Transit Mixers:

Agitating Capacity 6 m3/h 8 m3/h 10 m3/h 12 m3/h
Mixer Drum Overall Dimension 5700*2500*2550mm 6600*2500*2675mm 7100*2500*2730mm 7600*2500*2850mm
Drum Body Thickness 4mm 5mm 5mm 5mm
Charging Rate ≥3 M3/min ≥3 M3/min ≥3 M3/min ≥3 M3/min
Discharging Rate ≥ 2M3/min ≥ 2M3/min ≥ 2M3/min ≥ 2M3/min
Top Feed Hopper Dimension ≥650mm ≥650mm ≥650mm ≥650mm
Residual Rate ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5%
Water Supply Baric water supply system
Reduction Gear PMB7Ysp Reducer, Italy technology
Hydraulic Pump Eaton 54 America Brand
Hydraulic Motor Eaton 54 America Brand
Chassis HOWO; Dongfeng; Shaanxi Auto; North Pennines; Isuzu; Foton; Delong
Warranty 12 months, from the date of supply

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Few Tips on Concrete Transit Mixer Maintenance

  • 1. Clean the inside of the agitator the moment all the concrete is poured out. There are two reasons you should do it this way. One is washing up the agitator can protect the space inside of the mixing drum from being occupied by the curdled concrete. Another one reason is that this way can prevent machine failure.
  • 2. Generally speaking, the center of gravity of the concrete transit mixer is higher. Besides, its dead weight capacity is larger. Therefore, it needs longer braking distance. Try not to take a sudden turn during the process of driving in case of turnover. The recommended maximum running speed is 30km/h.
  • 3. If you are a local concrete mortar supplier in Sri Lanka and run one or few ready mixed concrete plants, then you should buy two or more concrete transit mixers with larger volume and mixing capacities. That is because you need transit mixers to carry the finished concrete to the buyers who have ordered few cubic meters of concrete for their construction uses.
  • 4. And if you want to start a concrete business in Sri Lanka, you should consider to buy a set of fully automatic concrete batching plant and few transit mixers in Aimix Group. Then you can start to produce and sell ready mix concrete.

After-sale Service of AIMIX GROUP

  • 1. Aimix has professional 60 people after-sale service team who can supply installment and testing service for each of our clients in Sri Lanka.
  • 2. 12 months product warranty from the date of supply.
  • 3. Excellent clients feedbacks from local custermers. Aimix has sold about 30 sets of fully automatic concrete batching plants, 25 sets of concrete brick making machines, countless concrete mixer with pumps and other industrial concrete mixer machines to Sri Lanka these years.
  • 4. And our products have gained praise and high reputation in Sri Lanka. If you are interested in visiting the jobsite of our clients, please tell us and we can arrange that for you.

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