Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale in Sri Lanka

Concrete trailer pump for sale is a kind of concrete pumping machine which is mainly used for placing of concrete. It has a portable trailer base so that it is easy to transfer between site to site. Aimix supplies both diesel engine and electric engine available.

trailer mounted concrete pump
ABT40C Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale

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Applications of Aimix Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale:

  • 1.Convey concrete for floor pouring of tall building, foundation pouring, slab pouring.
  • 2.Cconvey plain concrete, fiber concrete of various construction projects.
  • 3.Transport green soil for ecological environment construction.
  • 4.Do pressure grouting of various foundation piles.

ABT80D Concrete Trailer Pump for Tunnel Construction:

aimix concrete pump for sale

concrete trailer pumps for sale

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ABT60C Concrete Trailer Pump for Tall Building Placing of Concrete:

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aimix group concrete pump

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ABT40C Concrete Trailer Pump for Floor Pouring:

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portable concrete trailer pump

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ABT60C Concrete Trailer Pump for 10th Floor Placing of Concrete:

concrete trailer pump machine

concrete pump machine

trailer concrete pump price sri lanka

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Working Process

  • The working process of trailer mounted concrete pump is the process of concrete piston suction and pushing process. As we all know, the trailer concrete pumps for sale consist of mechanical system, hydraulic system and electric system. Pumping system is the execution system of the whole machine, which is mainly constituted of mechanical parts, hydraulic parts and electrical parts.
  • At the beginning, there is a concrete mixer truck to unload ready mixed concrete to the hopper of the trailer pump. Then, the hopper will firstly filter the substandard large concrete particles and use hydraulic pressure to convey the standard concrete mixture to the position by means of serveral meters of pipes.

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Advantages of Aimix Trailer Concrete Pump for Sale

  • Equipped with advanced S pipe valve reversing, it has a high outlet pressure and can meet the long distance transportation of concrete.
  • The main oil pump adopts high quality constant power variable cylinder pump, which can ensure high system pressure, high efficiency and stable performance.
  • S tube valve is equipped with a floating wear-resistant cup, which can automatically repair the abrasion.
  • Glass plants and cutting ring are made of hard alloy, which has a long service time.
  • The mixing system of concrete trailer pump is equipped with low speed and big torque hydraulic motor, which has a strong power and ensure high efficiency.
  • Hydraulic system adopts double pump and double return system, which has the advantages of stable and fast reversing
  • The hydraulic oil cooling system adopts advanced air cooling device, which is convenient and environmental friendly.
  • Trailer pump has anti pump function, which can minimize pipe blockage.
  • With high quality, lower price and quick transportation.
  • Aimix concrete pump equipment is quite popular among customers and is exported to many countries, such as Sri Lanka, Philippine, Indonesia.
  • Apart from concrete trailer pump, Aimix can also provide you with concrete mixer with pump, portable concrete pump and concrete pump truck.

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