Concrete Pump for Sale in Sri Lanka

Concrete pump for sale is a useful concrete mixing and conveying equipment which is usually used for the industrial construction applications including placing of concrete for high tower building construction or large construction sites etc.

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ABJZ30D Concrete Pump for Sale in Aimix

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Classifications of Aimix Concrete Pumps for Sale:

  • Aimix Group has many different types of concrete pumps for sale in Sri Lanka.
  • According to their shapes, functions and applications, and they are mainly classified into concrete mixer with pump, portable concrete pump, concrete trailer pump, concrete pump car and concrete pump truck.
  • Or you can click the following concrete pump photos to get more details now.
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ABJZ30D Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale in Aimix

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ABT60D Portable Concrete Pump for Sale in Aimix

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ABT80C Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale in Aimix

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30 Meters Concrete Pump Truck for Sale in Aimix

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Features of Aimix Concrete Pump for Sale in Sri Lanka

1. Conveying concrete with hydraulic pump!

Aimix concrete pump can conveying ready mixed concrete by means of hydraulic pump and pipes. In the past time, people usually pull a cart or other kinds of open vehicle with two or four wheels to carry or transfer concrete. Generally speaking, it is time to weed out the old way.

2. Low failure rate

There is no one of concrete machines manufacturers can vow that their mixer will never malfunction during its whole working life. All of the machines will go broken sometimes. But Aimix can guarantee you that our concrete pump machine has very low failure rate. In other words, Aimix concrete pump can serve you for longer life.

3. Excellent after-sale service

Aimix has a professional service team who devotes to help our customers to install, test and maintain the construction machines. You can contact our service team if you have any problems about the machine.

Concrete Pump Price in Sri Lanka

As you can see, Aimix has various sorts of concrete pump machines for sale in Sri Lanka. If you want to know the concrete pump price, please tell us your locations, applications, construction area, specific needs, then our sales team will recommend you the most suitable model of pump machine and give you fully detailed concrete pump cost in Sri Lanka.

Concrete Pumping Height and Distance

  1. Concrete mixer with pump can reach 120-150 meters for vertical conveying distance, and 500-700 meters for horizontal conveying distance.
  2. Portable concrete pump can reach 120-200 meters for height, and 500-800 meters for horizontal conveying distance.
  3. Concrete pump car or concrete pump truck’s placing height can reach to 30-58 meters, and it’s horizontal distance can reach to 26-54 meters.
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ABJ40D Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale in Aimix


Model: ABJZ40D-JZC350
Max. Theoretical Pumping Capacity: 40 m3/h
Motor Power: 55.75 KW
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600 m
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m

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ABT40C Portable Concrete Pump for Sale in Aimix


Models: ABT40C Diesel Portable Concrete Pump

Maximum concrete output: 40/26 m3/h

Max. vertical conveying distance: 120m

Max horizontal conveying Distance: 500m

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aimix concrete pump cars
43.5 Concrete Pump Car for Sale in Aimix


Model: KNL5340THB 44-5RZ concrete pump truck

Placing height: 43.5 meters

Max. Theor. output(high/low pressure): 75/125 m3/h

Pumping frequency(high/low pressure): 15/25 min-1

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Where to Buy the Most Convenient Concrete Pump in Sri Lanka?

  • Aimix Group is a professional concrete machines manufacturer. Our ready mix concrete plant, concrete brick machine, concrete pan mixer, self loading concrete mixer, concrete mixer with pump, stone crusher machine and concrete mixer truck are very popular in Sri Lanka market. Until now, Aimix has over 25 sets of concrete batching plants working in Sri Lanka.
  • What is more, Aimix concrete brick machines has high sale volume in Sri Lanka. Besides, Aimix has professional after-sale service team which can provide comprehensive service for you in Sri Lanka. If you plan to buy any construction machines or a set of concrete pump machine, you are welcomed to choose one from Aimix Group.

Machine Maintenance Methods:

  • 1. Prepare some new wearing parts so that you can replace them at any time.
  • 2. Smear lubricating oil to prevent machine from wearing
  • 3. Clean the concrete pump machine every day after using in order to prevent the concrete from curdling on the surface or inside of the pump.

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