Concrete Pump Car for Sale in Sri Lanka

Concrete pump car refers to a kind of building construction equipment as a bestselling item in the market. Aimix Group produces all kinds of concrete pump machines, such as concrete mixer pump, trailer pump, diesel concrete pumps and electric cement pumps in Sri Lanka markets. Also known as truck mounted concrete pump or placing pump or concrete boom pump, its whole frame is mounted on one mortar-vehicle chassis. Power and motion transmission gear, concrete mixing and pumping gear, placing boom and other auxiliary devices are mainly mounted upon the chassis. The placing boom can stretch over an area or distance covers for tens of meters and return to its original size. It is an integrated construction machine with the ability to mix the cement, pump the concrete mixture and move freely as a truck. The whole power system is controlled by the power engine. The engine drives the hydraulic pump to move the piston, becoming mechanical energy to pump ready mixed concrete, and then the finished concrete mixture will be continuously transported through the placing boom to a certain height and distance.

Best concrete pump car for hot sale
Concrete pump car for sale

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Main Frame:

  1. Boom System: Boom, oil cylinder, connection parts.
  2. Chassis: Automotive chassis, PTO, auxiliary girder.
  3. Pumping System

Concrete Pump Car Price in Sri Lanka

Quality is a common trait both Aimix and our customers appreciate. In no case can Aimix cheapen the quality of products and machines. We are always committed to improving our product quality and working closely with our customers and friends to innovate and optimize our service to them all. Our products are superior in quality and moderate in price and are saleable in Sri Lanka markets. Aimix ready mix concrete plant, diesel concrete pump, concrete pump trailer, boom pump and asphalt mixing plant for sale in Sri Lanka will continue to be popular in future. Considering we provide too many sizes of concrete pump trucks, just tell us what size you need and where you locate, our sales will send you a price quotation with transportation and delivery time as soon as possible.

Hot selling concrete pump car
Concrete pump truck for sale

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The Advantages of Aimix Concrete Pump Truck for Sale in Sri Lanka

  1. Aimix sets up the operating arm and switches in one operation board which helps to improve their handleability greatly.
  2. Aimix uses concrete cylinder with 200×1400 mm diameter for our pump machines. Bigger volume will reduce the switching times for the slide valve while the pump delivery outputs are same. That means great improvement has been brought to lengthen the service life of slide valve. According to the data, Aimix slide valve presents 1.27 times the service life of other brands.
  3. Aimix adopts V-type direct-injection engine with eight cylinders. Our engines decrease the fuel consumption around 15-20%. With the help of discharge control lever, the hydraulic oil stays at 160 liters while the engine is running. That is where we reduce the fuel charge.
  4. In the pump, Aimix equips with flashboard type slide valve of 200 mm diameter for better long distance pumping concrete.

Main Parameters:

Item Unit Parameters
CL5281THB-37/4 CL5291THB-37/4 CL5281THB-39/4 CL5291THB-39/4
Theoretical Pumping Capacity M3/h 150 150 150 150
Pumping Capacity Index Mpa. M3/h 586 586 586 586
Hopper Capacity L 700 700 700 700
Feeding Height Mm 1370 1370 1370 1370
Max. Distributing Height m 36.6 36.6 38.7 38.7
Max. Distributing Depth m 25.5 25.5 27 27
Distance between Front Landing Legs mm 7058 7058 6800 6800
Distance between Rear Landing Legs mm 6848 6848 7000 7000
Diameter of Conveying Pipe mm 125 125 125 125
Length of Tail Hose M 4 4 4 4
Remote-control Distance M 200 200 200 200
Front Tread mm 2065 2022 2065 2022

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