Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale in Sri Lanka

Concrete pan mixer for sale is a mixing equipment that is usually used for stirring cement mortar or other kinds of mortar materials in a big pan. It is mainly used as the matched mixer for baking-free concrete brick machine. Due to its shape, it is called pan type concrete mixer.

concrete pan mixer machine
JN350 Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale

aimix concrete pan mixer

aimix group pan mixer for sale

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Applications and Features of Concrete Pan Mixers for Sale

  1. Pan mixer for sale is a rounded mixer machine and can usually not move. It can only be placed on the ground. It is open and has one vertical shaft in the middle of the mixer. Besides, there are few paddle arms branched from the vertical shaft for the sake of mixing the dry mortar materials.
  2. Electric concrete pan mixers can mix plastic concrete, harsh concrete, flowing concrete, lightweight aggregates and mortars. The whole machine runs smoothly and needs low energy consumption. Hence, buying a  pan mixer machine from Aimix is very suitable for self-built houses construction in rural areas in Sri Lanka.
  3. It can be also regarded as a vertical horizontal concrete mortar mixer, which is very appropriate for highway building projects, power station construction, road construction, bridge building works, water and electricity building projects, brick making factory and large or medium-sized prefabricated products manufacturing factory.
  4. It can produce precast concrete products. What is more, It has compact structure and light weight so that it is convenient to transport one pan mixer from one site to another site.
  5. It is mainly applied for concrete brick making machine to mix cement mixture.
Pan mixer equipment
JN350 Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale

Model: JN350

Diameter of Mixing Drum(mm): 800

Charging Volume(L):500

Discharging Volume(L): 350

Mixing Power(kw): 15

Discharging Power(kw):2.2

Total Weight(kg): 1700

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Aimix Pan Mixer Price in Sri Lanka

  • Concrete pan mixer price is lower than other kinds of large-sized industrial concrete mixers. Owing to the cheap price and higher productivity, buying a set of concrete pan mixture machine is very promising option for your self-built houses projects.
  • In consequence, concrete pan mixers machines have been a very practical and popular mortar mixing machine in the local construction market in Sri Lanka. Aimix has two models, JN350 and JN500 for sale for Sri Lanka. If you want to know the pan mixer price in Sri Lanka, you need to contact us first and tell us what model do you need. Then we will send you detailed information.
concrete pan mixer equipment
JN500 Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale

Model: JN500

Diameter of Mixing Drum(mm): 800

Charging Volume(L):750

Discharging Volume(L): 500

Mixing Power(kw): 18.5

Discharging Power(kw):2.2

Total Weight(kg): 2000

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Electric Concrete Pan Mixer Manufacturer in Sri Lanka-Aimix Group

As a superior manufacturer and brand in Sri Lanka, Aimix has rich experience on pan mixer designing and selling for over 20 years. As we all know, small pan mixers are usually applied for the brick factory and prefabricated products producing factory.

And Aimix Group has been exporting many concrete brick making machines to Sri Lanka. That is to say, Aimix has exported a lot of pan mixer equipment to Sri Lanka these years. If you have any need in pan mixture machine, please contact us for more details and quotation.

New Type Pan Mixer Machine-Self Loading Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale

Aimix advanced self loading pan mixer is made of self loading bucket, pan mixer, operator cab and truck base. Its biggest advantage is that it can self load cement, sand, gravel or other motor materials into the mixer.

aimix pan mixer for sale in Sri Lanka
1.6m3 Self Loading Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale

electric pan mixer for sale

pan type concrete mixer

pan mixer price in Sri Lanka

cement pan mixer

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  1. Its self loading bucket can self feed materials to the pan, which saves a lot of labor time and cost.
  2. It only needs one operator to drive and control the feeding process, mixing concrete, discharging mixture, transferring sites.
  3. Its fully automatic control system is easy to learn. There are operation buttons in the cab so that the operator can run them step by step.
  4. It is easy to be drived on the country road to mix concrete or cement motor.
  5. It can discharge the mixture to anywhere you want. There are chute on the discharging port.
concrete pan mixer price in Sri Lanka
1.2m3 Self Loading Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale


Model: AS-1.2

Diameter of pan mixer: 1.6m

Depth of pan mixer: 0.6m

Max. driving speed: 20km/h

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pan mixer price in Sri Lanka
1.6m3 Self Loading Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale


Model: AS-1.6

Diameter of pan mixer: 1.8m

Depth of pan mixer: 0.6m

Bucket width and depth: 0.62m and 0.7m

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