Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale

Concrete mixer with pump for sale in Sri Lanka is an advanced concrete pumping machine, which is equipped with full automatic construction operating system and has the functions of self-feeding, mixing, and high-pressure hydraulic pumping. Mainly, it consists of hopper, pumping system, hydraulic system, cleaning system, electrical system and other parts.

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ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale in Sri Lanka

Capacity: 40(m3/h)
  • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H): 40
  • Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m): 150
  • Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance(m): 600
  • Max. aggregate diameter:Slick/scree(mm):40
  • Max Pressure on Concrete(mpa): 10

Main Parts:

Movable truck chassis, lifting hopper, mixer drum, electrical system, hydraulic pumping system, diesel system.

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    How Many Kinds of Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale in Aimix?

    There are several kinds of concrete mixer with pump machines in Aimix Group. You can choose any type to meet your different requirement.

    • According to the different engine power, there are diesel type and electric type in Aimix. The diesel concrete mixer pump includes ABJZ30C and ABJZ40C. The electric concrete mixer with pump contains ABJZ30D and ABJZ40D.
    • In line with the size, there are large type and small type. ABJZ30C and ABJZ30D belong to the small concrete mixer with pump, and ABJZ40C and ABJZ40D belong to large type.
    • In regard to the return on investment, there is one hot selling model, and it is ABJZ40C. Its cumulative sales quantities have reached to over 500 sets up to 2022.
    concrete mixer pump trailer

    ABJZ30C Concrete Mixer Machine with Pump

    Capacity: 30(m3/h)
    • Model: ABJZ30C
    • Rated Output(m3/h): 30
    • Max Pressure on Concrete(mpa): 10
    • Max Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 600
    • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 120

    concrete mixer hydraulic pump

    ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

    Capacity: 40(m3/h)
    • Model: ABJZ40C
    • Rated Output(m3/h): 40
    • Max Pressure on Concrete(mpa): 10
    • Max Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 700
    • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 150

    harga concrete mixer pump

    ABJZ30D Electric Concrete Mixer with Pump

    Capacity: 30(m3/h)
    • Model: ABJZ30D
    • Rated Output(m3/h): 30
    • Max Pressure on Concrete(mpa): 10
    • Max Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 500
    • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 120

    concrete mixer with pump machine price

    ABJZ40D Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

    Capacity: 40(m3/h)
    • Model: ABJZ40D
    • Rated Output(m3/h): 40
    • Max Pressure on Concrete(mpa): 11
    • Max Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 600
    • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 150

    What Are the Leading Advantages of Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale in Aimix?

    Aimix concrete mixer and pump is an useful concrete pumping machine that is specialized designed for small civil engineering buildings construction. It has many good features which can help you a lot for your construction work. Here I list some points in the following.

    • 1. It has both mixing and pumping functions are available in one unit. In other words, you can make use of two functions in one unit and do not need to pay for the fees of two different machines. That’s quite money-saving!
    • 2. Its glasses plate and cutting ring are made of hard alloy materials, which can serve you for a longer service time.
    • 3. It uses central control system and automatic system which can make it easier for you to handle it, save your labor costs and reduce your labor intensity.
    • 4. It has self-loading hopper, which can self load the sand or cement materials to the mixer drum along with the lifting track.
    • 5. It has anti-pump function, which can minimize the pipe congestion. What is more, it has advanced S valve reversing device which can ensure your concrete mixing and conveying work go smoothly.
    • 6. It adopts double-cylinder hydraulic pumping system which can convey large aggregate or gravel concrete mixture.
    • 7. Its perfect combination of mixing and pumping structures can save rack weight and shipping space. That means it will save you some delivery fee.
    • 8. It is equipped with manual lubrication system to ensure you a long service time of transmission.
    • 9. It has self-cleaning function, which will save you much time to clean it up after using.
    portable concrete mixer with pump
    ABJZ30C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump
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    ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump
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    ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

    What Are the Applications of Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump?

    Aimix concrete mixer pump uses smaller power which is more suitable for rural power grid. In addition to this, it has safe and reliable working performance and lower failure rate. You can apply it for many kinds of construction works. Apart from this, portable concrete mixer with pump is a integrated machine because it can mix concrete and pump concrete at the same time. It is consisted of feeding hopper, lifting track, mixer drum, filtering hopper and pumping pipes. Hence, it is a common machine for widely applications for placing of concrete for various kinds of construction work.

    Road Paving Construction

    Cement mixer pump is suitable for horizontal concrete pumping work, for example, country road building, mountain road paving or repairing work.

    High-rise Building or Storied Building Construction

    Concrete mixer hydraulic pump is widely applied for vertical concrete pumping work, such as rural three-floor villa construction,10-floor school building construction,20-floor residential building construction,and tall tower placing of concrete etc.

    Foundation Concrete Pouring Construction Projects

    The outlet pressure of mixer concrete pump is large enough to meet the need of tall building and long distance concrete transportation and pouring work.

    self loading concrete mixer with pump

    How Far Can Aimix Concrete Mixer Pump Conveyor the Concrete?

    There is one point about the portable concrete mixer with pump you may want to know, and that is its pumping height and vertical pumping distance.

    • With regard to the electric concrete mixer machine with pump, and its horizontal conveying distance is 500-600 meters, and its vertical pumping height is 120-150 meters.
    • For diesel concrete mixer pump, and its horizontal conveying distance is 600-700 meters, and its maximum vertical height to pump is 120-150 meters.

    How to Build A Mini Concrete Batching Plant by A Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump?

    There are a lot of ways of making use of the concrete mixer pump. By coorparating with other machines, you can build a small concrete batching plant. Let me show you the method.

    • You can use a aggregate batching machine, a wheel loader and an aimix concrete mixer pump. Finally, you will get a mini type concrete producing line. It is cost-effective and easy to operate.

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    What is the Concrete Mixer with Pump Machine Price in Sri Lanka?

    The concrete mixer pump price is influenced by many different elements.

    1. Pumping Distance of Concrete Mixture Pump

    Aimix has four models:ABJZ30C, ABJZ40C, ABJZ30D and ABJZ40D. For different models, its quite different about how much high in feat pump can delivery the concrete mixture. Therefore, tell us your need and then we can give you the relevant machine price and delivery cost and taxes, transportation charges and delivery time according to your actual needs for any size.

    ABJZ40C Price
    ABJZ40D Price
    ABJZ30C Price
    ABJZ30D Price

    2. Concrete Output Capacities

    ABJZ30C can produce about 30m3 concrete per hour, and ABJZ40C can produce around 40m3 concrete per hour. Therefore, different models have different output capacities. You can choose the right model according to your construction work. Then we will give you its price.

    3. Engine Motor

    Aimix supplies two kinds of engine motor for the concrete pump with mixer. They are electric engine and diesel engine. The price for these two engines are also different. You can tell us what applications you want to use our mixer pumps for, next we can give your some recommendations about choose which type of machines.

    How Does Concrete Mixer Pump Work?

    Aimix mortar mixer pump machine is easy to operate due to its fully automatic control system. You can use the remote control to command all the operations.


    Feed aggregate material to the skip hopper.


    lift the hopper to unload the aggregate materials to the mixer drum.


    Add water to the mixer drum at the same time.


    Start the mixer drum to mix the concrete mortar.


    Discharge the ready mixed concrete mixture to the filtering hopper.


    Start to pump the concrete through the pipelines.

    Cases of Aimix Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale in Global Market

    Compared with traditional concrete mixer and concrete trailer pump, aimix concrete mixer pump is their two combination and much more convenient and efficient. That is why our machines are exported to the whole world.

    1. ABJZ40C Cement Mixer with Pump Working in the Philippines

    Project: Floor Concrete Pouring

    cement mixer hydraulic pump
    portable diesel concrete mixer with pump
    mini concrete mixer with pump

    2. ABJZ40C Mobile Concrete Mixer with Pump Working in Sri Lanka

    Project: Three-story Rural Self-built House Construction

    portable concrete pumping machine
    mixer with pump
    mini concrete mixer price in sri lanka

    3. ABJZ40C Cement Mixer Hydraulic Pump Working in the East Timor

    Project: Foundation Pouring Construction

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    mini concrete mixer pump

    4. ABJZ40C Lightweight Concrete Mixer and Pump Working in Indonesia

    Project: River Embankment Construction

    harga concrete mixer pump
    mobile concrete mixer pump price
    small concrete mixer and pump

    5. ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump Trailer Working in the Philippines

    Project: School Building Construction

    portable concrete mixer with pump
    mixer concrete pump
    small concrete mixer with pump

    After-sale Service

    24-hour Service
    Training Use
    Field Installation
    Supply Parts
    lifetime Warranty

    Why is Aimix Group Superior?

    Aimix has local agents in Sri Lanka who can help you solve problems and provide spare parts no matter what time you need.

    Aimix will give you some wearing parts for extra gift for free after you made an order.

    Aimix can send engineers to your site to help you install the concrete drum mixer pump and pipe lines and train your workers how to use it to mix and convey concrete.

    Aimix supplies customized services if you have unique requirements no matter what demands they are.

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