Brick Block Making Machine for Sale in Sri Lanka

Brick block making machine, namely, is a  machine to produce bricks, which is mainly made from stone powder, fly ash, slag, gravel, sand, water and other materials. Different from traditional bricks making, brick machines can make bricks with hydraulic forming system or vibration molding system rather than firing process. With different molds, brick production machine can produce various bricks such as standard bricks, porous bricks, blind hole bricks, hollow blocks, paving bricks and special bricks, which makes block machine widely used.

block making machine
brick making machine

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Features and Advantages of Brick Block Making Machine

  • compact structure, large pressing force and great rigidity
  • High productivity, easy operation and maintenance, and long service time
  • Full sealed dust-proof, circulating lubrication and no-noise.
  • No maintenance of lining board, short maintenance period and fewer requirement for working ground.

As a professional brick making machine manufacturer, Aimix can provide you with various brick manufacturing machine, such as concrete block machine, fly ash brick machine, hollow block machine, interlock brick machine. Aimix promises that we will offer you cheap brick making machine with high quality and quick transportation. Contact us to get professional advice, detailed information and best price.

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