Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant for Sale in Sri Lanka

Belt type concrete batching plant for sale refers to the batcher plant that uses belt conveyor to transport weighed sand or other aggregate materials from the batching machine to the mixer. Compared with skip hoist type concrete batching plant, it has bigger carrying capacity and higher working efficiency and can continuously transport aggregates.

aimix concrete plant for sale in Sri Lanka
AJ-60 Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

batch plant for sale

concrete batch mix plant

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Main Components of Aimix Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant for Sale:

1. Storage system: cement silos
2. Weighing system: aggregate batching machine
3. Aggregate delivery system: belt conveyor
4. Mixing system: concrete mixer
5. Water supply system
6. Pneumatic system
7. Main frame
8. Full automatic control system: control room and control computer
9. Dust removal system

aimix belt conveyor
Belt Conveyor

cement silo
Cement Silos

aimix batching machine
Aggregate Batching Machine

Concrete Mixer

High Output Sand Aggregate Materials Feeding Method:Belt Conveyor

  1. As we all know, there are two feeding methods: skip hopper and belt conveyor. Here are some benefits of belt conveyor methods.
  2. Firstly, it can continously convey the weighed aggregate materials without intervals. On the contrary, skip hopper type will start the next feeding process after the hopper is back. As the result, the belt conveyor way is more efficient and time-saving. If you want to set up a commercial concrete plant to sell concrete then we recommend you with belt conveyor type concrete ready mix plants.
  3. Secondly, belt conveyor can contain much more volume of aggregate materials than skip hopper. That is to why our large-sized plants are equipped with belt conveyor, such as AJ-60, AJ-90, AJ-120, AJ-180 and AJ-240.
high level concrete plant
AJ-90 Belt Conveyor Concrete Batching Plant Installed in Sri Lanka

aimix machinery group
Belt Conveyor Feeding Method

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Per Hour Output Capacity of Aimix Belt Type Batch Plants for Sale:

  • Aimix mainly has AJ-60, AJ-90, AJ-120, AJ-180 and AJ-240 models of belt type batching machines, and they have respectively 60m³/h, 90m³/h, 120m³/h, 180m³/h and 240m³/h per hour output capacities. In other words, belt type plants have bigger productivity, and they can produce about 60m³ to 240m³ concrete per hour.
  • If you have lower demand for concrete output every day, you should consider to buy a skip hoist type concrete batching plant. And the per hour productivity of skip hoist type batching plants varies from 25m³, 35m³, 50m³ to 75m³.
concrete mixing plant
AJ-90 Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant for Sale


Model: AJ-90

Productivity: 90 m³/h

Concrete mixer: JS1500

Belt conveying capacity: 450 t/h

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Cheap Belt Conveyor Concrete Batch Mix Plant Price in Sri Lanka

  • The total belt conveyor concrete batching plant price depends on few factors, including the quantities of batching machines and cement silos, the mixing capacities of concrete mixers and other configurations.
  • Send us your specific needs and then we can design a customized plant components and layout attached with plant cost at the same time.
buy a concrete plant from Aimix in Sri Lanka
AJ-60 Belt Conveyor Concrete Batching Plant for Sale


Model: AJ-60

Productivity: 60 m³/h

Concrete mixer: JS1000

Belt conveying capacity: 300 t/h

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Professional Belt Conveyor Type Concrete Plant Manufacturer and Supplier in Sri Lanka-Aimix Group

As a professional concrete batching plant manufacturer, Aimix Group has sold over 30 sets of concrete plants to Sri Lanka these years. Best product quality, long warranty service and excellent installment and after-sale service are always our purposes.

buy aimix concrete mixing plant
AJ-60 Belt Conveyor Concrete Batching Plant installed in Sri Lanka

cheap concrete batching plant
Belt Conveyor

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Technical Details:

Type AJ-60 AJ-90 AJ-120 AJ-180 AJ-240
Theoretical production capacity(m³/h) 60 90 120 180 240
Concrete mixer Type JS1000 JS1500 MAO 3000/2000 MAO 4500/3000 MAO 6000/4000
Power 18.5 65.5 74 110 150
Discharging capacity(L) 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000
Aggregate size(mm) 80/60 80/60 80 150 150
Aggregate bin volume(m³) 8.38 12 20 30 40
Belt conveying capacity(t/h) 300 450 550 650 900
Weighing accuracy Aggregate(KG) 3000Kg±2% 3000Kg±2% 2200Kg±2% 3000Kg±2% 4200Kg±2%
Cement(KG) 1500Kg±1% 1500Kg±1% 1200Kg±1% 1800Kg±1% 2200Kg±1%
Fly ash(KG) 600Kg±1% 900Kg±1% 400Kg±1% 500Kg±1% 800Kg±1%
Water(KG) 600Kg±1% 600Kg±1% 500Kg±1% 800Kg±1% 1000Kg±1%
Additive(KG) 50Kg±1% 50Kg±1% 50Kg±1% 80Kg±1% 80Kg±1%
Total power(KW) 120 165 130 170 220
Discharging height(M) 3.8 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.1

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Delivery Period:

After each of our customers has placed an order for our batching plants, Aimix will arrange the factory to produce at once. The delivery period for our plants is about 30 days. When the whole plant is finished and we will test the machine to ensure every part of the plant is perfect and send you testing video. Next, we will pack the cement silos, concrete mixers, batching machine and main frame into the container and arrange the shipment for you.

Superior Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer in Sri Lanka-Aimix Group

As one of the leading construction machines manufacturer, Aimix Group has been engaging for producing industrial machines for over 28 years since 1992. Over 100 sets of our concrete brick machine, concrete mixer with pump, concrete pump car, cement mixer, concrete pan mixer and ready mix concrete plant have been exported to Sri Lanka these years. And our industrial products have been so favored in Sri Lanka market.

1. Professional after-sale service team.
Aimix supplies free installment and training service in your job sites.

2. Spare wearing parts for free.
Aimix will give each of our customers with extra wearing parts for free.

3. Low factory price
Aimix is the concrete batching plant manufacturer so that we can supply the cheapest factory price. Besides, compared with buying a set of plant from distributors, it is cheaper and will cost you lower money to buy a set of belt type concrete batching plant from a manufacturer, right?

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Aimix Service Team

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