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52m Concrete Pump for Sale in Sri Lanka

52m concrete pump is a common concrete conveying vehicle used in building construction, bridge construction, tunnel construction, highway construction and other kinds of construction projects that need long distance placing of concrete.

Aimix 52m Concrete Pump for Sale in Sri Lanka

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Aimix 52m concrete pump has truck base and a placing boom on the truck. Its maximum placing height is 52 meters. And it is the preferred equipment for rural construction in Sri Lanka.

How Tall Can 52m Concrete Pump Reach?

The theoretical placing height of Aimix 52m concrete pump is 52m. In other words, the maximum distance it can reach is 52m. And its horizontal distance is about 48m. Besides, its maximum concrete output under high pressure is around 108m3/h, and under low pressure is about 183m3/h.

If your construction projects needs to convey the concrete mixture to 52 meters tall building, you can choose our 52m concrete pump to serve for your site work in Sri Lanka. In addition to this, Aimix also produces other models of concrete pump cars, including 30m concrete pump car, 36m concrete pump, 43.5m concrete pump truck, 46.8m concrete pump, 49m concrete pump and 58m concrete pumps.

Therefore, you can always find the most suitable concrete pump car with enough long placing boom in Aimix Group in Sri Lanka.

Aimix 52m Concrete Pump for Sale in Sri Lanka


Model: 52m concrete pump

Placing height: 52m

Max. output(high/low pressure): 108/183 m3/h

Pumping frequency(high/low pressure): 16/28 min-1

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Quality Assurance and After-sale Service of Aimix Group

Aimix Group commits 180 days of free warranty service. Besides, Aimix supplies lifetime maintenance service for each of our customers in Sri Lanka. Aimix has sold about 30 sets of concrete batching plants and countless of other construction machines to Sri Lanka these years. Every year, Aimix will send engineers and sales representatives to Sri Lanka to visit our old customers and potential clients.

Aimix Group has mature after-service team to supply installment guides and testing machines service. What is more, Aimix can send engineers to your site to help you install these industrial equipment.

Technical Parameters of Aimix 52m Concrete Pump for Sale in Sri Lanka

Model KNL5340THB 47-6RZ KNL5350THB 50-6RZ KNL5420THB 58X-6RZ
Item Unit Parameters Parameters Parameters
Pumping system Max. Theor. output(high/low pressure) m3/h 75/125 75/125 108/183
Max. Theor. concrete output Pressure(high/low) pressure) MPa 10/6 10/6 10/6
Rated working pressure MPa 32 32 34
Pumping frequency(high/low) pressure) min-1 15/25 15/25 16/28
Hopper capacity L 600 600 600
Filling height mm 1400 1400 1400
Hydraulic system type Open loop Open loop Open loop
Distribution valve S valve S valve S valve
Oil cylinder dia.×stroke mm φ140×1800 φ140×1800 φ140×2100
Concrete cylinder dia.×stroke mm φ260×1800 φ260×1800 φ260×2100
Hydraulic oil cooling Air cooling Air cooling Air cooling
Recommended concrete slump cm 12~23 12~23 12~23
Max. aggregate dimension mm 40 40 40
Placing boom Structure type 47-6RZ 50-6RZ 58-6RZ
Placing height m 46.8 49.2 52
Horizontal distance m 42.6 45.3 48
Placing depth m 32.5 35.3 31.2
Slewing angle 540° 540° ±270°
Pipe diameter mm 125 125 125
End hose length mm 3000 3000 3000
Min. height of opening placing boom mm 9000 9000 9000
Outriggers span (front×rear×side) mm 9330×10155×9346 9330×10155×9346 9330×10155×9346
Chassis and the whole machine Chassis model ZZ5347V524HE1 ZZ5356V524ME1 QL5420THBW2TDHY
Wheelbase mm 4800+1400 4650+1400 1850+4575+1370
Engine type MC11.40-50 MC11.40-50 6WG1-TCG51
Engine power kW 297kw 297kw 338kw
Oil tank cubage L 400 400 400
Tail gas exhaust standard V V V
Overall dimensions (Length×Width×Height) mm 12295x2550x4000 12230x2550x4000 14040x2500x4000
Others Lubrication mode Manual and Hydraulic Manual and Hydraulic Manual and Hydraulic
Oil tank volume L 600 600 800
Control mode Manual+remote control Manual+remote control Manual+remote control
Maximum water pressure MPa 0.7 0.7 0.8
Pipe cleaning mode Water cleaning/dry Water cleaning/dry Water cleaning/dry

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Excellent Concrete Pump Manufacturer in Sri Lanka-Aimix Group

Aimix Group manufactures various kinds of construction machines, including concrete mixer with pump, 36m concrete pump, concrete brick making machine, self loading concrete mixer, crusher machines and so on.

You can find any kinds of construction equipment in Aimix Group in Sri Lanka. Contact us to learn more about our 52m concrete pump price and other machines price now.

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