40t/h Asphalt Plant for Sale in Sri Lanka

40t/h asphalt plant is the most popular model of asphalt plants for sale in Sri Lanka in Aimix Group. Besides, Aimix Group also supplies mobile asphalt plant, portable asphalt plant, drum mix asphalt plant and hot mix asphalt plant for sale in Sri Lanka. Asphalt plant refers to a kind of ready mix plant that can mix and produce asphalt concrete or bitumen concrete mixture for road paving, highway construction, bridge construction, road surface repairing and so on.

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40t/h Asphalt Plant for Sale in Sri Lanka

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What is the 40t/h Asphalt Plant Price in Sri Lanka?

Aimix Group has been researching and producing asphalt plants for over 28 years. Therefore, Aimix has stable supplement of raw materials to manufacture asphalt equipment. In other words, Aimix always has stable asphalt plants price for Sri Lanka. And the biggest influencing factor for asphalt plants price is the production capacity. That is to say the asphalt plant price varies according to the asphalt equipment outputs. Different models of asphalt plants need different devices. For example, 40t/h asphalt plant has 600kg mixer, and 60t/h asphalt plant has 800kg mixer. When you want to get the asphalt batching plant price in Aimix, the first thing you should figure out is which type or model do you need for real. And then, we can give you detailed price on specific model you demand.

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Asphalt Plants Supplier in Sri Lanka-Aimix Group

Aimix Group is a Chinese owned company to produce specialist asphalt mixing equipment, including mobile type asphalt plants and large asphalt mixing plants. Our equipment has been exporting to Sri Lanka for over 28 years since 1992s.

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With over 28 years experience on manufacturing and selling all kinds of asphalt plants, Aimix asphalt plant has been a sign of high quality and excellent performance in Sri Lankan construction market. More and more people have realized that buying an Aimix asphalt mix plant is a prioritized choice to make in Sri Lanka after they have compared Aimix Group with other companies in Sri Lanka.

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Operations Management for 40t/h Asphalt Plant

40t/h asphalt plant plays a key role in road surface covering construction or road pavement construction. The performance and working conditions of asphalt plants greatly influence the quality of asphalt concrete. And the quality of asphalt concrete determines the engineering quality and project progress. Therefore, machine operator should keep learning operational skills so that the asphalt plants can keep normal running to produce qualified asphalt concrete. So, how to operate the whole plant with right skills should be the key point that all the operators should keep in mind.

First, the operators should grasp the structure knowledge and working principle of asphalt mixing plants. Secondly, all the operators should control every single individual item during the production process, especially for the metering system. The metering system plays an important role in the technical index of the ready mixed concrete mixture. On the basis of the above two points, the operators can control the whole asphalt plant to produce licensed asphalt concrete for construction.

Specifications of 40t Asphalt Plant Unit in Aimix:

Model ALQ40
Capacity(t/h) 40
Mixer(kg) 600
Mixing Cycle(s) 45
Dry Capacity(t/h) 50
Fuel Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal
Dust Filter Gravity dust filter+Cyclone dust filter+Bag dust filter/Water dust filter
Bag Dust Filter Area(m3) 260
Fan Motor(kw) 37
Vibrating Layer 4
Asphalt Tank(m3) Option, 10-40t or Depend on request
Asphalt Heating System Heat conducting oil furnace or Direct heat asphalt tank

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